Balancing of Masculine and Feminine Energy… Notes for The Empath

Empaths Empowered

Be the change you want to see…

As well as head and eye pressure, it seems that many of us are also suffering with nasal pain, pressure, blocked sinuses and such in recent months. Which is interesting as it is, among other things, a clear indication of an imbalance in the masculine and feminine energy within our body.

We all know that part of what this ‘Shift’ is about is trying to balance an overly dominant, masculine world and all this nasal pressure could be another tell-tale sign that it is indeed in the process of happening…

Whilst studying in India, for my yoga teaching, we covered many topics on how yoga and pranayama (ancient breathing techniques) positively affects the physical and energetic bodies, including the chakras and nadis. 

If this is all new to you, I shall give  a brief overview…

As well as the physical body we have an…

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