Devon, Balcombe and Greenbelt: a fracking good summer – by Hannah Martin

Resistance & Renewal

Anti-Fracking ProtestI have just had a great summer.

From a youth camp in Devon, to the anti-fracking protest camp at Balcombe and then onto the Greenbelt festival I participated in three very different communities.  It wasn’t a relaxing holiday, more the body-aching-wood-smoke-smelling-when-will-I-see-hot-water-again kind.

But I think I was hoping to be uncomfortable.  I wanted to be in that place where I am moved, where the fire in my blood about the state of the world is roused and my sense awakened.  It is so easy to lose that in day to day life.  Even when we wake to a job we really believe in, it’s easy to feel disconnected, to pay more attention to the ache of tiredness, than the pang of injustice.

It was not your usual summer holiday.  And this is what I learnt…

 Community is eating together

Lee Abbey is a Christian community in Devon which hosts…

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